First Choice Pest Control, Inc. provides FREE Annual Termite Inspections and offers Annual Termite Treatment Guarantees. Our termite inspections and termite treatments are designed to prevent future termite infestations. We also offer various preventative treatments. Our inspections are done on residential and commercial properties and for Real Estate inspections throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.


Drywood Treatments- with or without tenting
Subterranean Treatments
Tent Fumigation
Bait & Monitoring Systems
Pre-treat Soil Treatments
Tree & Shrub Treatments
Termite Prevention Treatments


Termites pose serious risks to homes. They feed on cellulose, including structural timbers, flooring, doors and doorframes, window trim, and even pieces of furniture. Termites are known to cause financial ruin for homeowners, as most insurance policies do not cover damage created by this pest. Experts say termites cause approximately $5 billion in property damage each year. Therefore, prevention is key in avoiding an infestation in and around your home. First Choice provides ongoing protection to tackle any current termite activity and help prevent future infestations.

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